The eternal Dream…

19 Ιουν. 2015

Viva Oliver Stone


Thank you brave Oliver, for the 2004 film and your current kind words.

But such an attitude will always lead to disaster…


Thus, enable us introduce our dream:



U  n  i  t  e  d


Could you make, Dear Oliver, this Utopic vision to exist in a peaceful movie?

9 Μαρ. 2015

Utopia’s new name





(The Jewel)



In memory of Plato (427-347), Thomas More (1478-1535), Jean Meslier (1664-1729), Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968), and many other Gods…

Utopia was, and still is an island of fantasy; the «Holy Grail» of dreamers and ethologists, an ideal social situation for those who diligently admire life and renounce every cruelty (and Bristle shirts, like those worn by Thomas More), and lament every bleeding. It is a hymn to an unfulfilled materially and spiritually free life; the dreamers continue incessantly to wish and imagine it without war, without religion, so like the ephemeral butterfly, anxious and lost in a day without ever learning why.

The indigenous Olvos, requires union of the World. As political union will give birth inevitably to a new kind of peaceful humankind, no-one can describe it exactly, as it remains in the future. It belongs to the unborn generations because of them we dream, but it seems self-evident that such future growth without war, will end morale both by necessity and definition.

If Thomas More, Anne Askew and Kropotkin could be found amongst us today, they would say «Come on Divine Beings, there is only one step left;  take it for us. You can do it!» They showed us the way, even in different time periods (the former five centuries ago and the latter one). We are not entitled to forget them; the objective should be Union and Peaceful Harmony.

Think, dear friends, of a great, classical, symphony orchestra. In the eighth symphony of the Austrian Gustav Mahler (1860-1911), the number of performers participating approached one thousand (Symphony No. 8 in E-flat major, «Symphony of a Thousand») – a small exquisite society!

A lot of people of various ages and colors, often of different ethnicity and varying metaphysical concerns, competing for the same goal –  harmonic coexistence and consonance. They go through incredible musical gradations of tone and intensity, the most complicated combinations of acoustic quantities and qualities; strings, flutes, pipes and voices, different sizes, tensions, lengths and timbres, all aimed at a common, peaceful target. A perfect example of  Cultural Divine mating. Yes, it takes a whole lifetime to initiate people in this magical aspect of life; the organization of acoustic components called Music.

They succeed of course, because people are potential God/Goddesses. Anyone who understands this simple analogy, this certain, true and admirable human reality can not regress to being «animal». This is the only aspect that escaped previous thinkers –  man is the forerunner of God.

Adagio molto e cantabile. The perfect harmony of Part Three of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, followed by the Ode to Joy. The absolute aesthetic and acoustic perfection born of Logos on Earth, the perfect proof of the Divine nature of Anthropos (Human), the certainty that harmonious coexistence is possible. Already with so many different people in a classical orchestra,of course  it can happen in our lives around the world. Yes, it is inescapable.

Utopia cannot die, because it must first live! Then…

Joy, beautiful spark of Gods, Daughter of Elysium,

We enter, fire-imbibed, Heavenly, thy sanctuary.

Thy magic powers re-unite What custom’s sword has divided

Beggars become Princes’ brothers Where thy gentle wing abides…

(Friedrich Schiller, 1785)


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